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2 thoughts on “The Beacon News Blog

  1. Perhaps I missed it but I didn’t see what I need to do to sign up to “follow you”. I would very much like information on relevant SS information and would like to sign up. As for the building of the proposed “conceptual” pathway, the first I heard of it was in a newsletter I received a few days ago. I was very surprised by the proposed costs and how much the pathway would infringe on S. Dogwood Trail properties ( mine is not one of them).

    I would be very interested to know what is the purpose of this pathway that would justify the expense and the infringement on the many properties. Are we going though all this just for the occasional dog walkers? It certainly isn’t for the bicyclists or runners. They will always prefer the street, much to safety concerns and the drivers on the road. On the portion of S. Dogwood Trail that currently has a pathway I have only seen the occasional dog walker, never once a bicyclist or runner. So, what is exactly the point? Has common sense been used to weigh the pros and cons of this project?

    This seems much like the project I saw last year where it was proposed that we institute a “NO LEFT TURN” onto S. Dogwood Trail coming off the bridge. This was to reduce the traffic on S. and E. Dogwood Trails. The trouble is that it would be to the determent of people living along S. Dogwood Trail. I can’t imagine not being able to make a left turn when my home is only one minute away, and having to join the beach traffic crawl heading north to finally make a left onto E. Dogwood Trail to finally make it back to S. Dogwood Trail and back down the road to my home. Again. what are we trying to accomplish with the “NO LEFT TURN”? If it is only to reduce traffic, why do the residents on S. Dogwood Trail have to sacrifice so much? In my view, we only have two or three days a week, at certain times of the day, during the peak vacation months when traffic is heavy. It does not justify such an inconvenience for residents of S. Dogwood Trail and adjoining streets to not be allowed to turn left. In addition, I also envision a complicated and dangerous mess where people not allowed to turn left would turn right only to make an immediate u-turn to go straight across onto Dogwood Trail. I envision many accidents, and can only hope that someone used some common sense and this idea has been abandoned.

    To whomever read this, thank you for listening.


    1. Thank you for your comments. The Beacon will try in upcoming blog posts to respond in detail to your concerns. The East and South Dogwood Trails walkway system has a history that you may find of interest. As for the no-left turn option, it is being contemplated only for limited “high-peak” hours on summertime weekends. Another option that has been minimally discussed is to restrict traffic through Southern Shores and Chicahauk to residents and their guests (who would display a tag or decal on their vehicles) during high-peak hours on summertime weekends. A similar restriction is currently being used in a small New Jersey during morning and evening rush hours to protect residents from Manhattan commuter traffic. . . . You may sign up to follow The Beacon by clicking on blue “Follow” link on the blog page, directly above a link about following the Facebook page. Thanks again for your interest! We are indeed listening.


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