Hurricane-related damage along Ocean Boulevard in Southern Shores was confined to relatively few structures and was minimal. Damage visible on a driving tour today under clear blue skies of the oceanfront and westside areas between the Kitty Hawk-Southern Shores line and the Ocean Boulevard-Hickory Trail intersection tended to be on rooftops, as pictured above. Shingles blew off roofs, and some screens and sections of siding also took flight in Dorian’s winds, landing in yards and on the roadside.

But such damage was the exception. The Southern Shores beaches and vacation cottages fared very well in the storm.


This window (above) blew out of a westside bedroom in a beach box near the Duck Road split, but it landed intact in the yard. Nearby, a crimp near the top of the AT&T cell tower could be seen:


There were no reports, however, that the damage to the tower’s structural integrity caused any cell-phone service problems.


It was a gorgeous beach day. A beautiful September day with nary a reminder of the hurricane’s battering, bashing, scraping, lashing, hammering, pounding, slamming, smashing, ripping, and rocking. The news media used all of these provocative verbs and more in describing Dorian’s action.

The Dare County Control Group has proved me wrong about reentry. I thought the third priority stage would take effect today, and all visitors would be allowed access to the Dare County towns north of Oregon Inlet tomorrow. It would appear instead that another announcement about reentry staging will not be made until tomorrow morning.

While out and about, I saw no safety hazards in Southern Shores outside of the maritime forests on the soundside and in Chicahauk, and these could be managed by driving cautiously and alertly. Because of fallen trees and tree debris, some of the roads were passable only as single lanes.

Tree-removal and electricity contractors have been working diligently to restore power and clear roads to the wooded neighborhoods. Many residents were out today, clearing their driveways and yards and even the streets in front of their homes.

It was business as usual in the Southern Shores-Kitty Hawk commercial district on U.S. Hwy. 158.

Have a good night, all.

Ann, 9/7/19






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