Governor Roy Cooper’s latest executive order, No. 120, which takes effect at 5 p.m. Wednesday, closes “entertainment facilities without a retail or dining component” and “personal care and grooming businesses.” (See the text of the executive order, below.)

The shutdown of these businesses is in effect for 30 days, unless the order is rescinded or superseded.

According to the executive order, examples of such entertainment facilities include, but are not limited to:

*Bingo parlors, including bingo sites operated by charitable organizations.

*Bowling alleys

*Indoor exercise facilities (such as gyms, yoga studios, martial arts facilities, indoor trampoline and rock climbing facilities)

*Health clubs

*Indoor/outdoor pools

*Live performance venues

*Movie theaters

*Skating rinks


*Gaming and establishments that allow gaming activities (e.g., video poker, sweepstakes, video games, arcade games, pinball machines or other computer, electronic or mechanical devices played for amusement)

Executive Order 120 also restricts “personal care and grooming businesses,” in which “individuals are in close proximity for extended periods of time, or service personnel are in direct contact with clients,” including, but not limited to:

*Barber shops

*Beauty salons (including waxing and hair removal centers)

*Hair salons

*Nail salons/manicure/pedicure providers

*Massage parlors

*Tattoo parlors

Sadly, but understandably, Executive Order 120 also prevents all visitors and non-essential health care personnel from visiting people residing in long-term care facilities, except for “certain compassionate care situations, for example, an end-of-life situation.”

Many such facilities already have restricted visitation to protect their residents who, because of senescent (aging) immune systems and/or underlying medical conditions are more vulnerable to COVID-19.

The restriction on mass gatherings applies to events or other forms of “convening” that bring together more than 50 people in a single room or single space at the same time, such as an auditorium, arena, or meeting hall, or “any other confined indoor or outdoor space.” This includes “parades, fairs and festivals.”

Ann G. Sjoerdsma, 3/23/20

Click to access EO120.pdf

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