4/6/20: DARE COUNTY TO RESIDENTS WANTING DETAILS ABOUT LOCAL COVID-19 CASES: KEEP YOUR FOCUS ON STAYING AT HOME. Kitty Hawk Mayor to Address Beach Nourishment at 6 p.m. Town Meeting Today.


There’s no place for vanity during a public-health crisis. My heartfelt thanks to Southern Shores resident Geri Sullivan for making me a fashionable–and reversible–face mask. According to Geri, who made the mask from a pattern provided by a hospital, it is 100 percent cotton, which makes it much easier to breathe through than a hospital face mask, albeit less effective. 

Dare County residents are apparently inquiring about where the people who have tested positive locally for COVID-19 live and have traveled because today’s Dare Emergency Management bulletin stresses that it is “neither helpful nor productive” to seek such details.

Bulletin No. 33 also reminds residents of the State testing criteria that medical personnel are observing and that have not changed: “fever of 100.4 or greater, cough and difficulty breathing.” People who are experiencing mild or moderate symptoms are still being advised to self-isolate and not be tested.

“What we all must do to protect ourselves doesn’t change because of a positive test result,” said Dr. Sheila Davies, director of the Dare County Dept. of Health and Human Services.

“To protect yourself, your family and our community, everyone must stay at home other than for essential needs. Now that community spread is likely, it is important to act as if everyone you come in contact with may be COVID-19 positive and has the ability to spread the virus.”

See the bulletin at https://www.darenc.com/Home/Components/News/News/6091/1483

In the Dare County portion of the bulletin, the technical difficulties experienced with this morning’s meeting are acknowledged and a link to a video is provided: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iZeMEIDdWqI&feature=youtu.be


We also would like to call your attention to the Kitty Hawk Town Council’s meeting today at 6 p.m., which will be held virtually. According to the agenda, Mayor Gary Perry will be giving a presentation on beach nourishment and municipal services districts. His presentation is the first order of business.

You may live stream the meeting at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QpiX5q4vA8w&feature=youtu.be.

The Kill Devil Hills Board of Commissioners’ meeting, originally scheduled today at 6 p.m., also, has been canceled.

Ann G. Sjoerdsma, 4/5/20


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