The first Earth Day was held April 22, 1970.

(Breaking news: Return day for non-resident property owners appears to be Thursday. See below.)

This year the Southern Shores Civic Assn. is celebrating Earth Day, which is tomorrow, by holding a weeklong beach cleanup during what it has proclaimed Earth Week.

The SSCA is asking its members and other interested volunteers to help clear its beach crossovers and nearby beaches of debris, starting tomorrow, the 50th anniversary of the first Earth Day, and continuing through Wednesday, April 29.

Since the last nor’easter, the SSCA Board of Director writes in an email sent to members, “sand-fencing debris and sundry items” have washed up on the beach near the crossovers. According to the release, the crossovers at the Hillcrest Beach, Purple Martin Lane, and Second Avenue “have more significant debris than others.”

SSCA Volunteer/Social Coordinator Emily Gould told The Beacon that waste bags will be provided for volunteers at the Hillcrest Beach in the vacant port-a-john enclosure; at the Purple Martin crossover at the bench on the viewing deck; and at the Second Avenue crossover at the benches on the viewing deck.

At all other crossovers, Ms. Gould asks that you BYOB, bring your own bags, although some of the debris is so large and bulky that a bag will not accommodate it.

Please email Ms. Gould at ee.karr785@gmail.com with the beach area you wish to visit and when you expect to clean up there.

SSCA would like you to place the debris on either side of a crossover, at its middle section, or at the roadside, to the south of a crossover.

When you have completed your cleanup, Ms. Gould asks that you let her know the crossover address where you have deposited the debris.

Ms. Gould also would like you to have a picture taken of yourself (or to take a selfie) with the trash collected and send it to her so that you can be properly recognized and thanked for your efforts.

Perhaps the non-resident Southern Shores property owners, who are expected to be able to access Dare County starting Thursday, will join us in celebrating this beautiful environment that we share and in getting some exercise and fresh air during these difficult times.

We say “expected to” because OBX Today is reporting that the Currituck County Board of Commissioners voted yesterday to allow non-resident property owners to access Corolla, starting Thursday, and they cannot get to Corolla without going through Dare County—as residents in Southern Shores know only too well. The Dare County Control Group will announce the reentry plan for Dare County later today.

OBX Today also reports that the tentative date selected by the Currituck Board for return of visitors is May 15. Please check back with The Beacon this afternoon for a report on the Dare County plan.

Ann G. Sjoerdsma, 4/21/20

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