North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper will detail by Wednesday what Phase One of his gradual three-phase economic reopening plan will entail, he said at a press conference today. The Governor also said he hopes to initiate Phase One this weekend.

North Carolina’s stay-at-home order will remain in effect for Phase One, which is designed for the reopening of low-risk activities. In unveiling his plan two weeks ago, the Governor said that during Phase One some nonessential businesses will be permitted to operate and state parks will be reopened.

Those nonessential businesses will not include restaurants, bars, entertainment venues, gyms, fitness centers, nail and hair salons, and other businesses in which people come in close contact.

The Governor will detail by Wednesday specifics of what types of stores can be open and what people are allowed to do when they leave their homes. Protections for employees and customers must be in place before businesses will be allowed to reopen, he said today.

Phase One is to be in effect for a minimum of two weeks, the Governor previously said, before the State progresses to Phase Two.

IN VIRGINIA TODAY, Governor Ralph Northam announced an extension of his order closing most nonessential businesses to May 14. It was set to expire May 9.

The Virginia Governor, who is a physician, appears intent on reopening nonessential businesses on May 15, according to The Washington Post. He has made no mention of lifting his stay-at-home order, which is in effect until June 10.

In contrast to North Carolina’s phased-in reopening, Governor Northam’s Phase One permits people to get haircuts, dine in restaurants, work out in gyms, and shop at nonessential retail businesses, provided adequate safety precautions are taken.

The Governor has suggested, for example, that fewer people will be able to dine at the same time, in order to provide social distancing among strangers, and that servers will have to wear face masks. Similarly, fewer people will be able to work out in gyms or fitness centers at the same time, and business owners will have to adhere to a thorough cleaning protocol.


If you would like to participate in tomorrow’s Town Council meeting, which is scheduled for 5:30 p.m. in the Pitts Center, see:


Public comments may be submitted in advance by email or presented live via Chat in a Zoom meeting.

If you would like to submit written public comments, email them to Town Clerk Sheila Kane at skane@southernshores-nc.gov with the subject line, Council Meeting Public Comment May 5, 2020.

Your comments must be limited to three minutes, when they are read aloud by a Town Council member. The Beacon hopes that Mayor Pro Tem Elizabeth Morey will do the honors again. She did a smooth job at the Council budget workshop.


Click to access Southern-Shores-Notice-Electronic-Participation-Planning-Board-May-4-2020.pdf


Ann G. Sjoerdsma, 5/4/20

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