6/18/20: YOUNG FEMALE NON-RESIDENT IS DARE’S 44TH COVID-19 CASE. Half of 44 Have Been Diagnosed Since June 3.

CV test GENERIC 0010 

A female non-resident between the ages of 18 and 24 is the 44th person to test positive in Dare County for COVID-19. The Dare Dept. of Health and Human Services’ dashboard reports today that she is in home isolation in Dare County.

Half of the 44 COVID-19 diagnoses that Dare County has reported were made since June 3. Twenty-seven are Dare County residents, of whom nine still have active cases, including one who is in the hospital.

Seven of the 17 non-residents who have been diagnosed with COVID-19 in Dare have recovered or been symptomatically cleared, according to the dashboard. The remaining 10 are in home isolation, nine of them outside of the local area.

Dr. Sheila Davies, director of the DCDHHS, will post her weekly videotaped message tomorrow. She will address in broad terms the mode of viral transmission of the people who have been diagnosed with COVID-19 since last Friday, June 12, when she gave her last report on transmission and contact tracing.

As of this morning, DCDHHS has reported 12 new cases.

Dr. Davies also will give details about the holding of a local clinic on June 30 for both diagnostic and antibody testing of COVID-19. She has previously announced that the antibody testing, which requires a subject’s blood to be drawn, will take place indoors at the Dare County Parks and Recreation facility in Kill Devil Hills.

The Beacon will continue to update the number of COVID-19 diagnoses in Dare County as they are reported on the DCDHHS dashboard. Our posts may seem excessive to some readers, but we are able to keep track of the sex, age, and residency status of individuals only as the cases are reported. We consider our reporting a documentary record for readers–as well as ourselves–easily to review.


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