7/31/18: TOWN COUNCIL AUG. 7 MEETING AGENDA SHOWS REVISION OF NONCONFORMING LOTS ZTA SCHEDULED FOR HEARING BEFORE PLANNING BOARD; In Other Business, Consideration of Draft Fire Services Contract, Concern About Recycling, Trash Cans

An unsightly scene on the beach road on a June Saturday.

The agenda for the Southern Shores Town Council’s Aug. 7 meeting, which was posted on the Town website yesterday, shows that a revised version of the nonconforming lots ZTA 18-07 has been prepared and will be subject to a hearing before the Planning Board at its Aug. 20 meeting, if the Town Council does not adopt the current zoning text amendment next week.

Also noteworthy on the agenda are two new business items: consideration of a draft fire services contract, which would be effective July 1, 2019, a day after the current SSVFD contract expires; and concern raised by Councilman Fred Newberry about trash and recycling cans lining NC Hwy. 12, which includes Ocean Boulevard and Duck Road.

Both the Town Council and the Planning Board meetings are scheduled for 5:30 p.m. in the Pitts Center.

Designated ZTA 18-07A, the new nonconforming lots draft was prepared at the direction of the Town Council, which unanimously tabled ZTA 18-07 at its July 10 meeting and specifically directed Town staff to revise the amendment’s text so as to limit its scope.

If adopted, either ZTA would amend Town Code sec. 36-132, which has gaps in its application, such that property owners have been able to divide conforming lots, which have been typically 100-feet wide, into nonconforming lots, typically two 50-footers—despite restrictive covenants that do not permit the smaller lots. Constructing two houses on a land parcel where once only one house stood clearly does not comport with the Southern Shores vision of low-density development and open space.

As of this writing (noon, July 31), ZTA 18-07A had not been posted on the Town website.

You may see the Town Council meeting agenda at https://www.southernshores-nc.gov/wp-content/uploads/minutes-agendas-newsletters/Agendas_2018-08-07.pdf. A packet for the meeting, which will contain a draft of ZTA 18-07A and other materials, will be posted later this week. The Beacon will advise you about the new zoning text amendment as soon as we can.

I would like to add a personal note to Councilman Newberry’s concern about refuse cans on the beach road. I knew as soon as the recycling date was changed to Wednesday that rental property companies and rental house owners, like myself, would have a problem. It’s asking too much for renters to put out their recycling or the recycling left by the previous renters in the middle of the week. It’s enough to get them to put out their recycling and trash on the day that they depart, which is typically Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. As a hands-on owner who manages her own repairs and maintenance, I can tell you that many do not.

My experience of the past 30 years is that too often, trash and recycling cans—usually filled to the point of overflowing—line the beach road for days, generating litter and creating an unsightly scene. The photo above is one that I took on June 16 from across the street of my family’s cottage in what is known as the low-traffic area. I often pick up trash and recycling scattered around cans, especially when they blow over. The trash and recycling collectors do not get out of their trucks to right overturned cans.

(For background on the decision to change the recycling pickup day, see The Beacon’s post on June 16.)

Ann G. Sjoerdsma, July 31, 2018


4 thoughts on “7/31/18: TOWN COUNCIL AUG. 7 MEETING AGENDA SHOWS REVISION OF NONCONFORMING LOTS ZTA SCHEDULED FOR HEARING BEFORE PLANNING BOARD; In Other Business, Consideration of Draft Fire Services Contract, Concern About Recycling, Trash Cans

  1. I have been in contact with both the town manager and the Town Council concerning the change in recycling day pick-up and the resulting “mess of cans” lining Southern Shores roads. Other resort towns have found solutions to this problem…why can’t Southern Shores? An answer is long over-due.


    1. Thank you for your comment and for your contact with Town Hall. I reported on the recycling pick-up day change in a blog post June 16 and shared my earlier exchange with Town Manager Peter Rascoe about it. I thought it was a dreadful idea, but I don’t think Southern Shores has very good options. In the “old days,” before there was a recycling pickup, trash pickup was on Saturday morning, which is when most renters typically departed. The big issue was getting renters to put their trash out the night before. The eventual heavy traffic through Southern Shores on Saturday and Sunday put an end to that plan. The collection trucks obstructed traffic flow too much; and Monday became the compromise day. I do not know what service rental companies offer owners now in terms of rolling out/rolling up cans, but I do not expect them to hire people to roll out cans on Sunday night and roll them up on Monday afternoon. I look after my renters and can tell you that a Wednesday pickup has complicated my life.


  2. The recycling problem is already an issue on Sea Oats. Renters have put their recycle cans out on Sunday. By the time the Wed 3 AM pickup occurs the crows have already had a field day with beer cans and pizza boxes scattered on the ground. The solution doesn’t sound like rocket science but perhaps the recycle company needs to be more flexible regarding pickup.


  3. Bay Disposal is now picking up both the recycling and the garbage. According to Mr. Rascoe, the recycling day was changed because Bay Disposal does not have enough trucks to handle both pickups on Monday. Tuesday would be better than Wednesday, but not much better. Weekends are considered out of the question because of traffic, which leaves you with a selection of poor choices.


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