98 Ocean Blvd. today


The Town of Southern Shores issued building and zoning permits to SAGA Construction and Development for 98 Ocean Blvd. on Nov. 20, according to Deputy Town Manager/Planning Director Wes Haskett.

I thought the activity I saw on-site yesterday looked suspiciously like the early phase of building, but, inasmuch as SAGA had not posted its building permit on-site, as required, I was hopeful.

I went by Town Hall last Wednesday afternoon to inquire about the permit status, and to do other research, but it had already closed for Thanksgiving.

SAGA is assuming the risk of its CAMA permit for the property’s development being suspended or rescinded as the result of an administrative hearing granted to a third-party property owner who appealed its issuance. (See yesterday’s “Good News.)

I regret that I posted erroneous information in yesterday’s blog about the building permit status. Thank you.

Ann G. Sjoerdsma, 11/26/18

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