Glenn Wyder

Glenn R. Wyder, a good friend to so many in Southern Shores and an important voice in our town’s preservation and growth, died suddenly Sunday night. He was 61.

As many of you know, Glenn, who lived with his wife Florence in Chicahauk, moved here from New Jersey–realizing their dream–and quickly became involved in the community.

At the time of his death, Glenn was chairperson of the Southern Shores Planning Board and president of the Chicahauk Property Owners Assn. He was an invaluable public servant, hard-working, dedicated, and smart. He deeply cared about Southern Shores and its future.

As Planning Board chair, Glenn was ready to assume a major role in tackling the development issues that have arisen in town recently—just as he did over the summer in resolving conflicts over lot coverage and the sale and development of 100-foot-wide land parcels as two 50-foot-wide lots. I felt confident that as long as Glenn was doing his “due diligence,” as he called it, all opinions on an issue would be considered, and reasoned, methodical decision-making would occur.

After his election to the chairpersonship of the Planning Board, Glenn made it clear that he would run no-nonsense and focused meetings that ended at a reasonable time. He was quick to notice when discussion on the board had become “circular,” as he said, and he would rein it in. Glenn also made it clear that he would always be prepared and would listen to people—until they started repeating themselves.

In short, Glenn was a leader.

He also had an abundance of energy. Although living in Chicahauk, Glenn continued to work full-time as general manager of Mediterranean Tile and Marble in Bernardsville, N.J. (The photo above is from Mediterranean’s website.) He was able to telecommute successfully, driving back to New Jersey periodically.

Glenn sought me out soon after I started publishing The Beacon, and we developed a mutual respect and understanding. I considered him a trusted friend—a straight shooter with heart— and I grieve his loss today. Glenn never failed to ask about my 94-year-old mother whenever we saw each other. He understood what it means to be a caregiver, and he knew how important it is to caregivers to have others reach out to them.

Besides his wife, Glenn is survived by his two sons, his daughter, and a granddaughter upon whom he doted. He was very proud of his family. I think I learned about all of them in the first telephone conversation I had with Glenn. They were his joy.

Gallop Funeral Services is handling arrangements for the Wyder (pronounced Wee-der)family. Here is a link to Gallop’s Facebook page, which has a notice of Glenn’s death: https://www.facebook.com/pg/gallopfuneralservices/posts/.

According to Gallop, Glenn’s wish was to be cremated and to have his ashes scattered at sea. Gallop will be publishing a detailed obituary soon.

UPDATED 11/28/18: You may read the family’s obituary about Glenn at http://www.gallopfuneralservices.com/obits/gwyder.htm.

Ann G. Sjoerdsma, 11/27/18

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