The SSVFD attends to tree obstructions near the intersection of East Dogwood and Hickory trails.

I heard the sound of a chain saw emanating from East Dogwood Trail, looked outside a window and saw a Southern Shores Volunteer Fire Dept. truck and the blue lights of a police car at the intersection of East Dogwood and Hickory trails, and decided to violate curfew by a few minutes. My neighbor had already started some sort of motorized device and was chopping wood. I could not resist.

No one is cutting through on Hickory Trail this afternoon.

After photographing the East Dogwood-Hickory trails intersection, I walked north to take a photo of this obstruction, which Lynanne St. Laurent reported earlier on The Beacon’s Facebook page:

A downed tree blocks Hickory Trail, going north, before Red Bay Lane.

As of 2 p.m. today, Hurricane Dorian was 125 miles northeast of Cape Hatteras and heading north out to sea at 21 miles per hour, according to The Weather Channel. With sustained winds of 90 mph, it is still a Category 1 hurricane. Our friends in Virginia Beach are now feeling its effects.

The roads in the Southern Shores woods that I have been able to see in person or in photographs sent to me are littered with tree debris. It is foolish to travel them now, but that reality has not stopped a few cowboys in pick-up trucks from venturing out.

Dare County asks residents to report loose and downed power lines to law enforcement (911) or the power company.

I would love to hear from someone on or near the oceanfront who can describe the damage in that area. Please email ssbeaconeditor@gmail.com or post a comment on the Facebook page.

How are folks in Chicahauk doing? In the dunes? Your observations and comments are welcome.

Ann, 9/6/19

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