Kitty Hawk Elementary School will be closed today for deep cleaning after the report of a confirmed COVID-19-positive case there, along with First Flight Elementary, Manteo Elementary, and First Flight Middle schools, which also have COVID-19 cases among their students or staff, according to local media reports.

First Flight Middle School will be closed tomorrow, as well, because the quarantining of staff members there reportedly leaves it without sufficient personnel to conduct classes.

The Beacon is not on the Dare County Schools notification list and is learning this morning from local media reports that in addition to the one COVID-19 case at KHES, the Dare County Dept. of Health and Human Services has reported one case at FFES, three at Manteo Elementary, and two at FFMS. Two hundred people are reportedly in quarantine. 

Yesterday The Beacon reported that of the latest 45 COVID-19 cases in Dare County–announced by the DCDHHS in just the past two days–10 are local children age 17 or younger.

THE BEACON, 11/12/20

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