We are fond of this tall Christmas figure on South Dogwood Trail, but he didn’t enter the contest.

The SSCA’s Southern Shores outdoor holiday decorations contest and driving tour opens today and continues through Dec. 28, the association announced today. Thirty-eight residential Christmas displays of lights and decorations have been entered in the contest.

The SSCA has prepared maps of the 38 homes, 18 of which are in what it is calling the “Northern Loop” of town, from 12th Avenue south to the dunes and woods of Southern Shores; and 20 of which are in the “Southern Loop,” which includes Chicahauk, part of South Dogwood Trail, and Duck Woods Drive.

See: SSCA HOLIDAY LIGHTS TOUR 2020 Map .pdf (sscaobx.org)

Voting on the decorations will open tomorrow and continue through Dec. 29. First-, second-, and third-place winners will be determined solely by the “People’s Choice,” the SSCA says, no other criteria. There is no word on whether any prizes will be awarded.

You may vote on the SSCA website, www.sscaobx.org, by clicking on the address of your favorite home Christmas display and pressing submit. The SSCA trusts that you will cast only one vote.

The tour is strictly drive-by, not get-out-of-the-car-and-walk-around, unless, we suppose, contest participants invite you to walk on their property.

Viewing is also being publicized by the SSCA as being available from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m., but as long as you are not breaking curfew, we figure you can look at other times.

The contest and tour are “meant to be fun and bring holiday spirit to our neighborhoods,” according to organizer Emily Gould, who is SSCA Volunteer/Social Coordinator, “so we hope you enjoy every aspect of this event!”

The Beacon, 12/14/20

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