181 South Dogwood Trail

The Southern Shores Civic Assn. has partnered with One Day University, which offers a video library of lectures you can stream, as well as live-stream classes in which you can participate, to give all SSCA members free membership to One Day U.’s online learning resources in January-February.

One Day University has worked with professors nationwide for the past 12 years to develop “entertaining versions of their best lectures,” according to its website.

It purports to have more than 200 lectures in its video library, covering history, politics, law, medicine, science, psychology and the arts, among other fields of academic inquiry.

Near the end of the two-month period, according to SSCA President Rod McCaughey, the Civic Assn. will “reach out and poll the membership about continuing the One Day University program.”

If enough SSCA members express interest in continuing, One Day U. will offer each member a reduced fee negotiated by the SSCA of $1.00/month for the remainder of 2021.

The usual One Day U. membership fee is $7.95/month, Mr. McCaughey said in an email sent today to SSCA members. 

To begin your free two-month trial access to One Day University, simply follow these steps:

  1. Go to onedayu.com/ssca.
  2. Click the START TODAY button.
  3. Enter ssca-go in the Coupon Code field and click the arrow to the right of the coupon box to apply the coupon. (You should see the monthly cost change to zero. If this does not occur, double-check to ensure that you have entered the code correctly and then click the “apply the coupon” arrow again.)
  4. Click the PROCEED TO CHECKOUT button.
  5. Enter your information and click SIGN UP NOW.

With COVID-19 preventing us from gathering in person for educational programs, One Day University helps to fill a need that many of us have for lifelong learning. We thank the SSCA for making this generous opportunity available.

In other SSCA news . . .  Emily Gould, SSCA’s volunteer/social coordinator, announced yesterday the results of the holiday lights contest.

First place went to 181 South Dogwood Trail; second place to 16 Seventh Ave.; and third place to 136 High Dune Loop.

Ms. Gould said that the SSCA received 157 votes for the contest, in which 38 house displays were entered and included on a driving tour.

The Beacon, 1/8/21

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