The SSCA’s Sea Oats Park is located at the intersection of Sea Oats Trail and Hickory Trail.

We pass along the following email from the Southern Shores Civic Assn., which we just received, as a public service:

“Many [SSCA] members have Ameri-Kart trash and recycle totes, and Joel Newton, board member and fixer of all broken things, orders parts for them from the only known distributor in the country. This individual just informed Joel that he had found 24 more brown recycle cart lids in his warehouse. Once they’re sold, the only replacement lid will be black. So if your Ameri-Kart recycle cart lid is cracked/split/broken, you may wish to take this opportunity to replace it. Cost is about $35 including tax, handling and shipping from Arizona. 

“Please let Joel know ( jrnewton@charter.net ) by January 28th if you wish to order a new brown recycle cart lid, or for that matter, parts such as axles and wheels.”

Of course, you can only take advantage of this offer if you are an SSCA member.

Having paid $90 for a new recycling can because of damage caused by Bay Disposal during its pickup—the cans are probably more expensive now—we consider this offer a bargain. Your dues also support a good cause.

See Home (sscaobx.org) for SSCA membership benefits and applications.

Newcomers to Southern Shores may not know how much the SSCA does on a budget that consists largely of membership dues to maintain the town, its character, its beauty, and its amenities. The founders of Southern Shores set up the SSCA as a major property owner in order to preserve the area’s open spaces and protect its natural beauty, including the beaches.

The existence of the SSCA sets Southern Shores apart from every other beach town in Dare County. It has always been committed to preserving Southern Shores’ environment and the quality of life in its diverse neighborhoods.

Everyone who lives and/or owns property in Southern Shores should know that the SSCA owns and maintains—through the efforts of dedicated volunteers who do hands-on repairs–the 33 beach-access walkways and dune crossovers in Southern Shores.

The Town of Southern Shores contributes nothing to the maintenance of these walkways and crossovers, nor does it give the SSCA any money for the maintenance of its other properties, which include:

*The Hillcrest Drive beach parking area, which currently has two showers, toilets, a gazebo, benches, and a wheelchair-accessible viewing platform.

*The North Marina, South Marina, and Loblolly Marina. There is a boat launch ramp at the North Marina off of South Dogwood Trail, as well as a pavilion for parties and events. The SSCA offers wet and dry slips to SSCA members who join its Boat Club, for a minimal annual fee, as well as kayak storage.

*Soundview Park on North Dogwood Trail, which features a children’s playground, picnic tables, charcoal grill, bocce ball court, horseshoe pit, park benches, and a kayak launching platform on a sandy beach. (Many people head to Southview Park to watch the sun set over the Currituck Sound)

*The Hillcrest tennis courts, which may be used by SSCA members who pay a modest annual fee.

*Sea Oats Park, which provides a basketball half court, a children’s play area, soccer field, and picnic tables.

*And many other natural open green spaces, as well as ponds.

Membership in the SSCA entitles you to access all of these properties.

(The SSCA also owns a large tract of oceanfront property north of Hickory Trail–a fact that was not directly addressed by the Town Council during its discussion Tuesday about the designation of municipal service districts for purposes of beach-nourishment taxation.)

Membership in the SSCA entitles you to access all of these properties.

The SSCA is a 501(c)(4) organization, which is an organization operated exclusively for the promotion of social welfare.

The Internal Revenue Service considers an organization that is “primarily engaged in promoting the common good and general welfare of the people of a community”–which the SSCA is–to be a social welfare organization, and, as such, it is exempt from federal income taxation. Donations to 501(c)(4) organizations are not tax deductible for the donors, however.

Annual SSCA dues are $65 for residents and second-home owners and $95 for rental property owners. You may apply and pay your membership dues online via the SSCA website or send in your application with a check to the SSCA office. (Check the website for details.)

Every member receives two SSCA window decals, entitling him or her to park in SSCA parking lots, as well as two parking passes for guests.

The SSCA owns the park and parking lot at the Duck Road split where the cell tower is located. Parking permitted along certain roads, such as East Dogwood Trail, near the SSCA’s beach access, is regulated by the Town.

Ann G. Sjoerdsma, 1/21/21


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