A yellow chain hanging from a post on the western side of Hickory Trail at its intersection with East Dogwood Trail is ready to be extended across the road to bar all traffic. Similar posts have been installed in the median of East Dogwood Trail, so that chains may be drawn across the turn lanes to prevent motorists going east on East Dogwood from turning north on to Hillcrest Drive, Sea Oats Trail, or Wax Myrtle Trail. The ropes in the median of East Dogwood Trail are designed to prevent motorists from driving across the grassy area in order to execute a turn. (You know they would.)


  1. I live at the south end of Sea Oats. The chains will prevent me from turning west at the intersection of Sea Oats and East Dogwood. So if I want to go over the Wright bridge on Sunday morning to play golf in Currituck I will have to snake my way south down NC 12 with all the other departing tourists to exit Southern Shores. Likewise returning from Currituck on Sunday afternoon I will not be able to turn north on South Dogwood to go to my home on Sea Oats. I will have to return home via NC 12 with all the other northern bound tourists. This is not the solution to traffic management in Southern Shores. The solution clearly are gatehouses with traffic management controlled by dashboard residency passes issued by the town. All these other efforts are just ineffective stopgaps that inconvenience the residents more than the tourists.


    1. You will be able to turn west on East Dogwood. It’s only eastbound motorists who cannot turn left (north). The chain will be in the middle of East Dogwood, not at the entry/exit of Sea Oats or the other two roads. I prefer gates, too.


  2. Thank you for your comment but I probably didn’t make my explanation clear Ann. I live on the part of Sea Oats that is called Sea Oats Lane which is a dead end appendage south of the intersection of East Dogwood and Sea Oats Trail. With the barrier in the median of Sea Oats and East Dogwood I will not be able to make a left (west) turn onto East Dogwood. Thus I am going to have to make an east turn on East Dogwood and go to the firehouse and make a three point turn so that I can then proceed west across NC 12 on East Dogwood and then onto South Dogwood to get out of Southern Shores. So I, a permanent resident of Southern Shores, will be inconvenienced coming and going from my home on Saturday and Sunday for the foreseeable future. And the people who live on the southern part of Wax Myrtle will be in the same boat as I am. No left (west) turn for them either.


    1. You’re right, Todd. I did misunderstand. I didn’t realize you live on Sea Oats Lane. Whatever you do to go west, instead of south on N.C. 12, will be a hassle. Your best bet is to turn around at the firehouse or on East Dogwood near Ocean Blvd. You could cross Duck Road and then take Ocean Blvd. north to Periwinkle or Hickory and make your way west, but none of your choices is great. Good luck. Please let me know how you fare. Thanks.


  3. Ann

    Overall the congestion along Sea Oats Trail and Hillcrest coming from South Dogwood has been much less this summer since the Town has tried to prohibit the left turn onto South Dogwood from 158. More traffic seems to be staying on 158 and then 12 as it heads north. I live near the Duck line so traffic north is always bad – even during the week. However it is nice to be able to get to one’s home more easily due to the town’s attempt to force traffic onto Rt 158 and 12.



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