We are receiving emails from readers that the cut-through traffic on the residential roads today is nightmarish, despite the left-turn ban at U.S. 158 and South Dogwood Trail and the “local-traffic-only” barriers at entrances to Hickory Trail, Hillcrest Drive, Sea Oats Trail, and Wax Myrtle Trail.

Please feel free to post your observations and comments about the traffic here, so that we may preserve a real-time record of the road conditions.

We welcome comments from people who live along the South Dogwood cut-through route, as well as people who live in Chicahauk, Sea Crest Village, and those who live in the “low-traffic area” of Ocean Boulevard, which is the stretch of road between the cell tower and Hickory Trail.

Heck, we would like to hear from everyone. How’s your Saturday going?

Thank you!

THE BEACON, 7/24/21

One thought on “7/24/21: CUT-THRU TRAFFIC LOG FOR SATURDAY, JULY 24.

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