Dear Beacon Readers:

Please comment here today, rather than on Next Door, about the cut-through traffic, which was already pouring in on South Dogwood Trail well before 11 a.m. We also welcome comments about traffic elsewhere from residents throughout Southern Shores.

Thank you.


9 thoughts on “7/2/22: TODAY’S TRAFFIC REPORT.

  1. It is back to what it was 2yrs ago. Backed up and bumper to bumper on Hillcrest. Disgraceful Town Council. They do not work for the residents of Southern Shores.


  2. Steady stream of traffic on Hickory all day. Too dangerous to walk my dog, so essentially I’m housebound. Thanks for nothing, Town Council. You’ve made your priorities quite evident, and they don’t rest in the residents.


  3. WAZE reports at 4:40 pm on 7/2 that S Dogwood backed up past the stop sign at Mallard; E Dogwood gridlocked; Hickory/Hillcrest/Sea Oats/Wax Myrtle all blocked all the way. Worst ever! Way to go town council!


  4. This town government is apathetic and lacks any real leadership capabilities on this issue. The fact that all obstacles and deterrents were removed without any discussion or advance notice before the busiest summer weekend is proof positive.


  5. It’s 6:01 PM, and traffic is still backed up on Hickory. From early this morning, there has been a steady stream of traffic, so much so that I didn’t feel safe trying to walk my dog at any point today. For all intents, I’m housebound. Thank you, Town Council! You’ve shown quite clearly that you have no respect for the residents; you need to work on your priorities!


  6. July 3 traffic backed up to 158. 15 miles hr on Dogwood. All way to Hickory. I couldn’t get onto my street Wax Myrtle or in my driveway until cars moved. Not good


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