A Beacon reader sent in this photo of the traffic backup at 10 a.m. today in the left-turn lane of U.S. 158-east for South Dogwood Trail. She estimated that there were 20 vehicles in the line when she pulled into it.

Dear Readers: Please feel free to comment on traffic conditions in the residential areas this weekend on The Beacon blog and Facebook page. We hope the “Local Traffic Only” barricades that are in place at street intersections reduce the cut-through traffic in the dunes, in Chicahauk, and on Ocean Boulevard north of the Duck Road split.



2 thoughts on “8/6/22: RESIDENTS’ TRAFFIC REPORT FOR AUG. 6-7 WEEKEND.

  1. Last weekend Google Maps was directing those going north to use S Dogwood, not even Rte 12 as an alternative. I had to direct my family to use main roads. I wonder how town communicates with Google Maps and Waze? That is the big problem.


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    1. Hi, Fran: Last weekend the roads weren’t closed, so the Town Manager wasn’t in touch with WAZE and Google maps. Cliff has direct contact with a WAZE employee. I would have thought, however, that since WAZE knows about our problem, it would direct motorists to stay on 158/12 when those roads are open and traffic is running smoothly. Thanks for your comment. Ann


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