June cut-through traffic on East Dogwood Trail, heading toward Hickory Trail, in Southern Shores. So far today, the traffic flow is favorable to residents.  

We heard the sweet sound of silence this morning, instead of the usual non-stop noise of tire tread striking the pavement on Hickory Trail, as departing vacationers cut through the residential area of Southern Shores instead of using N.C. 12. Traffic today seems to us to be so far, so good.

What’s happening on your street?

We have been out and about this morning near the ocean and have seen no backups in northbound traffic on Duck Road. We have observed only minimal cut-through traffic on East Dogwood Trail and Hickory Trail.

This promising picture may change later, but it does suggest a light traffic day for beleaguered Southern Shores homeowners.

Let us hear from you!

In case you missed our report from Town Manager Cliff Ogburn last week, we will repeat that Mr. Ogburn suggested at the Town Council meeting Tuesday that the Town hire a traffic engineer to analyze the weekend traffic-count data that, Mr. Ogburn said, Chief Kole has been collecting and reporting by email to Council members and to make recommendations on how to address the cut-through traffic.

The Council viewed this suggestion favorably. Mr. Ogburn said he would have a further report at the Council’s Sept. 1 meeting, which will be held at 5:30 p.m. in the Pitts Center.

While the Beacon is concerned about the cost for such a hire, we believe that if Mr. Ogburn is allowed to select the engineer and manage the methodology of this analysis without any oversight by Town officials, elected or otherwise, it will be handled properly. We have confidence in the new town manager.

Check back with The Beacon later today for details on the COVID-19 testing that is now available in the Outer Banks for asymptomatic people.

Have a great Saturday.

Ann G. Sjoerdsma, 8/22/20

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